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With the many social media options offered, it is surprisingly simple to get lost in the world of likes, shares, loves and comments whilst all the while keeping track of the many people, pages and groups you follow. Twisted History reconized how difficult it was for fans to follow and keep up with thier page, so they created thier very own social media network dedicated to one thing… the paranormal. A stream of just one thing, anything unexplained. 

Search for groups, make connections, chat with others that want to share and learn about all things unexplained. With the freedom to create groups and invite friends it is possible to create a community of people that are specificly there for the same reason you are. Share pictures and video both privately and in public streams. Get notifications when a post gets liked, shared or comented on so you can stay up to date on the conversation.

TWIST is an ad free, dynamic totaly free social media network that keeps all of your information private and secure. The pourpose is to create an online community dedicated to all things paranormal. From ghosts to ufo’s and bigfoot, Twisted Connections is the place to connect with fans in your particular field. Searh for and find groups related to your interests and join in on the conversation. Share your pictures and vids of a paranormal nature* with your friends or on your own feed.

Use of  TWIST  for the intelligent exchange of information, research and conversations for fans and seekers of the paranormal. It is as simple as that. If it is not of a paranormal nature, it won’t be found here! So, register for a free, add free account and start making Twisted Connectons today.


*all uploaded files must be of a paranormal content fit for viewers of all ages.

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