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Private Paranormal Investigation

Port Townsend Private Paranormal Investigations

Port Townsend Private Paranormal Investigations

Join us for a Private Paranormal Investigation!

Private Paranormal Investigations

When staying at one of 2 different haunted hotels, The Bishop Hotel, or Palace Hotel, you can secure a private paranormal investigation with our trained, certified investigators.

Offered Nightly

2 Hours

Couple: $30

Learn the basic of Paranormal Investigation!

We will teach you the basics of paranormal investigation and the use of the equipment, then up to 2 hours of recorded investigation of the hotel. When finished, you will have a log book of your experience as well as a video recording of the session to offer up proof to your friends that you had the courage to investigate a haunted hotel in Port Townsend Washington.

Included in this is a Paranormal Passport. The more Twisted Activities you do, the closer you are to earning free goodies. Shirts, mugs, hats and many other prizes for our Twisted fans.

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