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Grymm Tales

Join Twisted’s very own master storyteller and HAUNTED HISTORIAN on a special walking tour through the shadowed streets of Port Townsend!

I am Grymm...Your Guide, your haunted historian.
Searching for Grymm Tales

Grymm’s twisted tales are full of the debauchery, mayhem, murder and prostitution Port Townsend was known for at the turn of the century.  His spirited storytelling will leave you frightened and uneasy in your room at night…knowing that the legends and lore he tells are true accounts of the twisted lengths people will go to when pushed to the edge of their limits.  Offered ONLY through the month of  October, let Grymm be your guide on a haunting walk through the streets of Port Townsend, at an hour when many of its living residents are asleep, and the dead come out to play.  This 1.5 hour tour will leave you with the understanding that in Port Townsend, the PAST has a PRESENCE.

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