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Port Townsend

The original Port Townsend Ghost Tour​

Tour Haunted Port Townsend with Twisted History Tours

Twisted History is Port Townsend’s #1 Ghost Tour company, and it holds a special place near and dear to our hearts, as Port Townsend is where Twisted History was founded. Though we travel ’round the country, “PT” is where Twisted calls “Home.”

Upon taking a Twisted Tour, what many people come to discover is that Port Townsend is one of the most haunted cities in America! It seems every corner offers a new haunted building, alley or pier. Our guides take you to some of the most paranormally active and mysterious haunted locations in Port Townsend.

All of our tales are historically accurate –you’ll hear the real history about the ghosts and hauntings. We do not gloss over the uncomfortable truths…we lay it all out for you and let you decide…of course, a little embellishing and artistic license is difficult for any storyteller worth his or her salt to resist, but we do our research thoroughly!

Twisted History offers multiple, totally different, Ghost Tours in Port Townsend’s three Historic Districts. It’s great to have options!Twisted History Port Townsend proudly hosts the highest rated ghost tours in the Western Washington region. But, don’t take our word for it, read what past guests have said about us here.​

Port Townsend Twisted Tours

They’re more than just Ghost Stories!
Twisted History Tours knows so much about the haunted places and the ghosts of Port Townsend because we have spent years researching them. Some of the locations on our tours are locations we have personally investigated for paranormal activity.

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