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Port Angeles


Discover the Past of the Port of Angels...

Discover the Past of the Port of Angels


Escape into the past as our offbeat guides provide you with an eerie, educational, yet fun-filled adventure. You’ll visit sites of purported hauntings taken from police records, city archives, and our own professional paranormal investigations.

This is no Twilight tour…this is real, visceral legends of the “Port of Angels” past. Visit storefronts, alleyways and shadowed sidewalks where the past and the present meet. The city has recreated itself several times, but it seems that some of its former residents do not want to be forgotten…

Ghosts and phantoms still haunt the waterfront and long-forgotten graves of previous native inhabitants. Port Angeles has been home to some of the more twisted events on the Olympic Peninsula. One can’t help but wonder how many sailors met an unsavory end while being entertained in the brothels and taverns of this once-bustling seaport.

Tour Haunted Port Angeles with Twisted History Tours

Did you know that Port Angeles was, by executive order of Abraham Lincoln, named the “Second National City” of the United States? Did you know that the founding of Port Angeles played a role in the funding of the Civil War? Do you want to know more? We want to share this city’s cultural heritage and unbridled pioneering spirit with you…

Twisted History Tours offers two unique and exciting Ghost Tours in the Pacific Northwest’s City of Angels. The ever popular Downtown Dare Tour can make even a skeptic into a believer! We also conduct a number of focused paranormal investigations, where you can participate in a real ghost hunt.

So, what do we do differently than other tour companies? When you visit the haunted places on our tours, you’ll hear the real and twisted history —we don’t offer vampire tours. The reality is, we are the only ghost tour in the Port Angeles, and, all of our research is gathered first hand by our own team of investigators.

Twisted History Tours has the best ghost tours in Port Angeles, but don’t take our word for it. Read what some of our past guests have said about their experience with Twisted History Port Angeles.

Port Angeles Twisted Tours

They’re more than just Ghost Stories!
Twisted History Tours knows so much about the haunted places and the ghosts of Port Angeles because we have spent years researching them. Some of the locations on our tours are locations we have personally investigated for paranormal activity.


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