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Mourning Tea

An evening honoring our Beloved Dead while the veil is thin


Friday, October 13th, 2018


The Bishop Victorian Hotel
714 Washington St
Port Townsend, WA 98368


Victorian garb, gothic attire, or simply all black.
Whatever you feel honors your loved ones is acceptable.


Adult - $50

The 2018 Twisted History Mourning Tea Theme:

Join Twisted Witches Gussy and Tink for a grand high tea in Victorian tradition when the veil is thin, and our ancestors are near…Don your finest mourning attire and come celebrate the lives of your beloved dead, where you are encouraged to add photos and mementos to our Twisted Book of Our Beloved Dead, enjoy soft chamber music, poetry, and receive messages in the tea leaves!

This event hearkens to the extravagant mourning traditions of the Victorian era, when widows wore black dresses and carried the hair of their deceased loved one in cherished mourning lockets. When music filled the air with sweet sorrow as the bards of the long black veil recited odes to the somber beauty of Death’s final waltz. This venerable ritual comes to life at the Mourning Tea in Port Townsend.

What to Expect

Enjoy a grand Victorian High tea complete with courses of traditional tea sandwiches and desserts. Share stories and photos of the beloved souls who have touched your life and have helped make you who you are today in a communal Eulogy where the dead and the living meet again at a crossroads of love. Place a photo, letter, or other memento of your loved one into our Twisted Book of Our Beloved Dead, a growing compendium of memories filled with photographs, newspaper clippings, hair, and notes. It is a tome of love in honor of all who have passed through our lives. The gentle strings of the harp will help to remind us of the simpler moments of yesteryear and shift our consciousness into a place of magic. In this altered space, receive divine messages from the other side within the patterns of the tea leaves that decorate our cups, with Gussy and Tink on hand to help you to interpret patterns you discover.

What to Wear

You may choose to wear Victorian garb, gothic attire, or simply all black. Whatever you feel honors your loved ones is acceptable.

What to Bring

At least one photo of your loved one(s). A single page, handwritten or printed out, containing whatever you would like to say about your loved one(s). If you would like a memory of your loved one to be placed into the Book, the photo and text combined should not exceed 8.5 x 11 inches. We will also have some supplies on hand for those who become inspired during the tea.

The most important aspect of the Mourning Tea is the love that you bring for those who have passed on in your life. The memories you share will keep your departed loved ones alive in your hearts, and strengthen your connection to their spirits that still live on.

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