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Join the Team

Become a part of the Twisted History Team

Twisted History Tours provides top quality tours of a ghostly nature and events with pagan twists. In 6 years we have grown from a little walking ghost tour company to a full blown tour and events venture that has shown us one thing… if we follow our passions, we will thrive.

That is where you come in. We want you to explore your dreams, your passions and your goals. How? We are looking for folks that are not your traditional employees. We don’t want drones doing a job for a check. We want the twisted, offbeat and quirky personalities that are being held back by “the American Dream.”

Are you an artist? An actor? A researcher? Does writing about the twisted make you smile?

If you have a passion, a hobby or a dream and wish to be given a chance to soar, we want you.

How do we as a business know for sure what is best for Twisted History is by letting dreamers dream and passions thrive? We don’t… but the founders of Twisted History Tours know this one thing beyond all else when it comes to hiring.

That one thing is, if we pigeonhole an employee we stagnate. We don’t know what we need until we are presented with options.

We are seeking out folks that NEED to be themselves. We want the dark artist and the witch authors. We want your jewelry in our shop and we desire your passions to build a company that truly is for the creative dreamers.

If you feel you have a skill, a talent, that is not being used to its maximum effect, send me is a message. Tell us your passion. And, if we can find a way to include your dream into ours, we are all benefitting.

What we don’t want…
1. Drone employees.
2. To be bosses, but passion facilitators.
3. Employees who are told what to do so much as employees that tell us what they want, so we can find a fit.
4. The ordinary.

What we do want…
1. People who make terrible employees and better dream builders.
2. People who can look past the limitations of a 9 to 5 job.
3. The ability to incorporate your gifts, both physical and spiritual into our company.
4. A company where every person is given a chance to fly.

So, send us a message. Tell us what you would like to do. Guide, writer, actor, events, blogger, artist, public performer. Anything that is not ordinary. Help us build a company built on passion and the dreams of the entire staff, not just the owners.

Employees given a chance to fly will lift us all.

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