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Rough and Tumble Gem of the Frontier...

Rough and Tumble Gem of the Frontier...

Building the Frontier, One Death at a Time…

It was not just gold ore that was crushed, it was the will of many a man and woman seeking fortune in the untamed West. For those that found their way to Deadwood, living in indian territory without the protection of the army was just one problem. With the discovery of gold in the Black Hills, many a prospector had hopes of striking it rich, but ended up praying to just stay alive. For with the miners of ore, came the miners of another kind…men and women bent on fleecing the riches that hard-working men pulled from the ground. Rampant indulgences via cards, women, drink and gun found many a man face down in the muddy main street of Deadwood.

Tour Deadwood’s historic downtown and hear the Twisted Tales of death, mayhem, prostitution and unbridled debauchery that gives the term “ghost town” new meaning! Walk Mt. Moriah Cemetery where many of Deadwood’s historic figures now call home. Just like you, they walk the dark streets in search of nightly entertainment; they don’t realize that they themselves ARE the entertainment.

Tour Haunted Deadwood with Twisted History Tours

Twisted History is Deadwood’s premier Ghost Tour company and prides itself in telling the tales of Deadwood’s past that is both honest, theatric and entertaining.

You will learn why Deadwood is still a top destination for paranormal enthusiasts from all over the world. Behind the buildings facades are the stories from this city’s raucous past and haunted present.

All of our tales are historically accurate –you’ll hear the real history about the ghosts and hauntings. We do not gloss over the uncomfortable truths…we lay it all out for you and let you decide…of course, a little embellishing and artistic license is difficult for any storyteller worth his or her salt to resist, but we do our research thoroughly!

Twisted History offers multiple, totally different, Ghost Tours in Deadwood’s Historic District. It’s great to have options! Twisted History Deadwood proudly hosts the highest rated ghost tours in the region.​

Deadwood Twisted Tours

They’re more than just Ghost Stories!
Twisted History Tours knows so much about the haunted places and the ghosts of Deadwood because we have spent years researching them. Some of the locations on our tours are locations we have personally investigated for paranormal activity.


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