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Clairvoyant Readings – Port Townsend

Port Townsend Intuitive Clairvoyant Readings

Port Townsend Intuitive Clairvoyant Readings

IN A PERSONAL ONE HOUR CLAIRVOYANT READING we will begin with a grounding and centering exercise to ensure the best possible outcome for your reading. The reading may include a general psychic snapshot of your current situation and obstacles you may encounter. This type of reading may or may not include visitations from relatives and loved ones who have crossed over. Depending on the energy of the moment, this session could also call for divination tools such as tarot, tea leaves, crystal ball, or pendulum.

I Believe Everyone has Psychic Ability.
It is that still small voice you hear inside your head that is a natural trait we are born with, though, some of us rely on it more than others. There is nothing special about what I do; we can all call on the universal guidance we are born with, the difference being, I have honed this natural craft of tapping into the universal energy and giving counsel to those who request it. While working with a client, I have discovered that each reading holds different meanings for different people.

When tapping into the divine universal energy, I have learned that everybody has a web of energy that reaches out and connects with the universal web. We are all connected and it is through that connection we can intuite your path. We work together to not only access the information you are seeking, I also work with you in laying the foundations of tapping into your own psychic self.

It is my hope, that through this one hour session you will walk away feeling more settled and at ease with your current situations, and that your future has a brighter, stronger outlook.

What is the Best Way to Ask Questions?
If you want to know about a specific person, ask very pointed questions that include as much information about the person as possible. If you ask vague questions, you will get vague answers. Providing a name and a birthdate is always helpful. If you have a picture of the person, you are welcome to bring it or email it to me. One thing to keep in mind as well, if you don’t like an answer, don’t ask again in a different way to obtain a more desirable response.

Also, rather than asking “will” or “when” questions, a better and more empowering way to ask would be “what do I need to know?” or “how can I?”

Be careful about asking health or legal questions as I am not a licensed doctor or lawyer. I can look at the energy around a particular situation and predict several potential outcomes, but can not diagnose, prescribe or give actual legal advice. It is wisest to consult a health care practitioner or attorney for this sort of detail. Some questions may fall into the realm of “none of your business.” For example, asking about your ex’s sex life with his new girlfriend may not produce any productive answers, so focus on issues that are directly related to your life.

Lastly, If you don’t want to know the answer to a question, don’t ask.

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