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Portland... Port Townsend is the living embodiment of what happens when the past and present meet at the crossroads of fate. Listed as one of the top ten most haunted cities in the nation, Port Townsend's sordid past contributes to the dark secrets of this Victorian Seaport's ghostly history. Believers, skeptics non-believers alike, are all welcome to test their courage.

Port Townsend is a haunted city, there is no doubt about that. The mountains that surround us bear the residue of Native American spiritualism, the often bloody and ruthless act of shanghaiing, and some of history's most dynamic personalities. Psychics are drawn here, murmurs of a mysterious "vortex" energy is frequently reported, and paranormal investigation thrives. 

Our ghost tours are more than just stories...taking a Twisted History Tour into the haunted streets of the City of Dreams is a great way to see the beauty that is Port Townsend. Discover why it takes on a new life, or rather, after-life, once the sun slips into the Salish Sea.

ALL TOURS START AT THE CITY FOUNTAIN...See tour options for more details.
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Broken Hearts Lost Souls

The hauntings of Downtown Port Townsend are not all caused by shady sailors and crooked saloon keepers. Some of the ghosts that call the buildings of town home are the spirits of love gone bad. Follow Grymm through the dark shadows of Port Townsend's past as he recounts the stories of woman and men that met their end because of romance turning deadly. Why they died is well known in the history of Port Townsend, but why they are still here we can't say for sure.
In Dead of Night

This is not for the faint of heart! Starting at 10pm and lasting through the witching hour, this is more than just a ghost tour. This event includes a psychic cleansing and Q&A session before the tour and paranormal investigation equipment for your use during the tour. This is a full 120 min. twisted experience of downtown, with extra attention to hot spots along the way. 

Downtown Dare

From dark shanghai tunnels to swarthy sailors, Port Townsend at the turn-of-the-century looked very different than it does today.  The many unexplained disappearances, murders, suicides and strange tales surrounding our seaport lend to the mysterious sightings and other-worldly events that take place.  Come on...we dare you!  {Bring your camera, you might catch an orb or two!}
90 minutes / rain or shine

Intuitive Clairvoyant

If you are seeking direction on what to do in a particular life situation, insight on a dilemma or recommendations on what to do to create change within your life, I can help unveil the hidden aspects that exist on both a conscious and subconscious level. Together, we will discover the blockages that are preventing you from heightening your spiritual awareness or moving on to a higher purpose.
This opportunity is available either in person or online
Descriptions Coming Soon!