​Planning on spending the weekend?

Enjoy true history by staying at Port Townsend's premiere haunted location, the Palace Hotel. 
​This classic three-story brick building was constructed in 1889 by Henry L. Tibbals, a retired sea captain.The most well known apparition seen in the hotel is the ghost of a lady in an old-fashioned blue dress. She mostly appears in Room #3 and #4, and her presence is often accompanied by the aroma of perfume. The doors of these rooms often fly open at night when there is no one around, and people staying in these rooms have reported hearing moans and having their beds shake violently. For more haunted info...www.hauntedplaces.org/item/the-palace-hotel/

Reserve your room directly by calling the Palace Hotel at 360-385-0773. 
www.palacehotelpt.com to reserve online. 
Be sure to tell them you are registering for the Paranormal Insights Inner Quest Weekend. 
Friday, February 5th through Sunday, February 7th
​Join us for a weekend immersion into the paranormal in one of the most haunted Victorian Seaports in the Pacific Northwest. Our journey will assist you in finding your own place in the universe as well as how to find your place after this life has passed. This hands on, practical 2-day extended workshop is recommended for anybody who feels lost in this real and/or feels fear with what comes after they die. The sessions will focus on honing your grounding and centering abilities, your shielding and filtering defenses and sensing and communicating with paranormal beings.

As an addendum to your personal discovery, join Grymm on guided ghost walks through the city of Port Townsend.  Grymm will dig into the darker, nefarious and often ruthless history of Port Townsend's past, as well lead you on two of his most popular ghost tours. During the tours, Gussy will instruct how to sense the spirits you will hear in the tales; giving you the opportunity to figure out why these people chose to not pass through the veil. 

Twisted History Tours 
Gussy and Grymm Presents...

what happens after you pass?
February 5th  - 7th, 2016
As a psychic medium and clairvoyant, Gussy helps others integrate spirituality into their everyday lives through psychic development classes, readings, and psychic life coaching.

A paranormal enthusiast and experienced paranormal investigator, William combines his love of history and psychic abilities to allow people inside the world of ghosts and hauntings with his haunted hotspots classes, guided ghost tours, and paranormal investigations. 

Learn more about William and see what other wonderfully haunted locations he has visited at http://paranormalinsights.net
Inner Quest Weekend: $155
 only 45 tickets will be made available for this event. 
Meet and Greet
Scoundrels, Sailors and Settlers History Talk

Workshop with William Becker
Dare to be Downtown Walking Ghost Tour with physic guidance
Uptown Haunts Walking Ghost Tour with physic guidance
Optional Dead of Night Paranormal Investigation of The
Optional Private Session with William Becker*
​All registered guests of the Inner Quest Weekend will receive a digital photo album provided by Professional Photographer Devin Conroy-Groves
*Added fee applied