1: The minimum age for any participant on our events is 18 unless specified otherwise in the tour description. We do have family friendly events. 

2: Due to varying conditions of the locations and uneven floors/staircases, it is advised that pregnant women or those with any heart complaint/restricted mobility conditions do not attend. If you are unsure whether an event is suitable for you, please contact us prior to booking for confirmation. Twisted History Tours and all affiliates including the city you have booked your tour in accept no liability for any illness or injury that may occur as a result.

3: As above, due to some locations having uneven floors/stairs coupled with the fact that the event will be conducted in darkness, sensible footwear such as trainers or flat shoes MUST be worn. Stilettos are NOT permitted. Twisted History Tours will not be liable for any injury caused as a result of such footwear and wearing such footwear could result in being turned away from the event. 

4: Guests attend events at their own risk. Twisted History Tours accepts no liability for any accident or injury caused. Health and Safety tours will be conducted prior to the commencement of an event and if any area of that location is deemed unsafe, no persons will be permitted to enter. 

5: There are no sleeping facilities available on any of our events. If an event is at a location such as a hotel/inn, rooms should be booked through the hotel/inn directly. Any discounts on rooms available will be advertised on the event details .

6: Due to the lateness of our events and some locations being in residential areas, we ask that guests leave as quietly and quickly as possible in order to avoid disruption to any local residents.

7: Although there may be opportunities for you to conduct your own vigils on our events, outside of this, for health and safety purposes, you are to stay with your allocated group.

8: Twisted History Tours will not be liable for any loss or damage to any belongings brought to an event or left in vehicles. This includes any camera equipment, clothing, etc, which may be damaged or affected by poltergeist activity. We will also not be liable for any parking fines. Please be considerate when parking a vehicle at some locations. 

9: NO SMOKING will be allowed within any of the buildings used on our events. 
If your behavior during the event has a detrimental effect on other guest's enjoyment, you WILL be asked to leave the event. This includes behavior brought on by the result of alcohol consumption or the use of other intoxicating substances. In addition, excessive cell phone use will not be tolerated

10: Due to some locations being partially in the open air, guests are reminded to dress for the weather conditions.

11. All reservations refundable if cancelled 24 hours before the start of your scheduled tour. See refund policy for all other tour options in description of the tour.

Every company has fine print  and here is ours. We don't include the fine print to put a damper on your experience, but rather as a precautionary tool for all of our safety. 

We at Twisted Tours understand that you booked your tour or special event because you wanted an entertaining and exciting experience to go along with your stay. We will strive to ensure that you will walk away from any of our tours or events satisfied with your time with us. With that said, please scroll below to see a copy of our terms and conditions. 

Purchase of an event or tour indicates your awareness and understanding of our terms and conditions. All payments refundable if canceled within 24 hours

Even the after life has rules. ..
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