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​Grymm Dupp 

​Historian and longtime metaphysical researcher, Grymm has combined his interest in the occult with a passion for investigating the eccentric histories of small town America. With an unmatched ability to remember (and he says oft trivial) historical facts, Grymm has directed his energy toward the deep and rich history, folklore, and paranormal accounts of Port Townsend. With a flair for the dramatic, love of the sublime and attention to historical fact, he has created an original and entertaining ghost tour​ which has made him the most requested tour guide in Port Townsend. 
Gussy  Dupp

​Born into a family with psychic abilities and clairvoyance, channeling spirits has been a part of her life since childhood. Gussy honors and carries on the old world metaphysical path. She is committed to aiding others toward a higher consciousness, she seeks to demonstrate the magick that exists within. Much more than waving a wand or reading someone's fortune; it is a lifelong journey of obtaining knowledge and getting re-acquainted with the deepest parts of the soul. She focuses her energy to the greater good and loves all things mystical, obscure and whimsical. 
Some of Our Twisted Team...
OUR TEAM IS COMMITTED  to providing you with a top-notch tour experience. Although our emphasis is on ghost tours, we also offer historical tours, romantic pedal carriage rides and other events to entertain and educate the public about the past.  With this variety of options, we strive to provide everyone with an experience catered to what they are looking for.

Twisted Tours was founded in early 2013 by an experienced paranormal investigation team. They have all been interested in the esoteric and bizarre since their youth and have spent an untold number of hours investigating some very obscure and haunted places around the country.

We pride ourselves in offering authenticated stories based on the local lore and legends. We do not make up tall tales!  Many a ghost story is retold to Grymm over a cup of joe in the early morning hours at the coffee shop; it is those stories we share with you---the stories of the past you cannot find in a book...We cater to tourists and locals, alike---Anyone interested in ghosts, history or paranormal activity, will enjoy the shadowed stories of the past on one of our tours.
Fire Dupp

Added to the Dupp family 2 years ago, Fire serves many rolls on the Twisted History staff. Back up story teller on those nights that Grymm is engaged in other activities, promoting the business and acting as "enforcer" are just a few of the things Fire does. You will see Fire on many of the tours, but not as a guide, but as a shadow. He walks behind ensuring the the group is not disturbed by pedestrians on the sidewalks who may not be paying attention, or by asking those folks that just walk up and start listening if they want to buy a ticket. More than anything, Fire enjoys interacting with the group via jokes, conversation and talking about his kilt. 
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Born in Seattle and raised south of Port Townsend is a man with a theatrical and vivid imagination. One would say he personifies the belief that science and “magic” are one in the same, as the door to his mind takes form through works of art, and the sharing the echoes of the past from tales of old.
Night falls as the history of Port Townsend comes to life through the twisted tales that shaped what was once believed to become the “New York of the West” into what it is today.
Vergil is at your service.

  Notorious Madame M Storyteller/Research

The Notorious Madame M made her way to Astoria by railway from the big state of Montana. She had out grew the dusty stages and cowboy haunts of The Big Sky State and always dreamed of performing for hoards of rowdy fisherman and loggers on the Columbia River, so she jumped a box car and headed out to find the crowds of the Pacific Northwest. It was almost as if Astoria was saving a special stage for her. The notorious night life has provided Madame M with the perfect setting for her shirades. You can catch Madam M performing on all the theatrical stages of Astoria year round, but right now you can catch her on one of our Twisted ours. Let Madame M delight and entertain you as she takes you back in time, because anytime with the Notorious Madame M is a good time!